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How Kabooza works on your PC
You install the free backup software included with the service.
After entering your username and password the software will safely transfer copies of your important files to Kabooza Secure Servers in multiple geographic locations.
If the worst should happen to your computer just use the built in Kabooza Restore Wizard in the backup software to get all you protected files back to a new Computer.
Free Backup Software
We supply you with free backup software [download here] that will help you automatically backup all your files in you chosen folder. Once the initial backup is complete the intelligent backup software will automatically and daily find any changes you have made and back up only those changes to the Kabooza Secure Servers. It takes the software only seconds to identify any new or changed files to protect.

The backup software makes an exact replica of your protected folder structure and contents so that you can restore your files to a new computer using the Kabooza Restore Wizard should the worst happen. You can also get Secure Online Access to your files using a secure browser page when you log in to your account. You will then be able to securely get to your files from any computer with an internet access.
Kabooza Secure Servers
Kabooza uses state of the art security, redundancy technology and architecture to ensure that your files are safe and available to you and only you. By having encrypted file transfers and multiple copies in several geographic locations you are sure that not even a catastrophic event can cause you to loose your files. Kabooza even protects against users own mistakes by keeping a file history for 30 days so you can restore old versions of a file if you have accidentally damaged it. Now that is what we call full protection!
Kabooza Restore Wizard
Should the worst happen to your computer. If its broken beyond repair, has been lost or stolen, all you have to do is install Kabooza's free backup software and run the Kabooza Restore Wizard that will restore all your backed up files to the new computer, just as they where on you old computer. Now that is what we call protection!

Kabooza Trash Can
(Kabooza File Versioning with 30 day history)
In an ambition to be the safest place for your pictures and other digital files we supply you with the ability to restore files that you have accidentally overwritten or changed.

Just enter the File Restore menu in the backup program to find a list of old files that have been backed up. Choose the old version you want to get back and click restore.

Online Albums
(Automatic private online albums you can choose to share with friends or the world)
Gorgeous online albums with simple secure sharing tools

As a great bonus to having a backup of all you valuable data – you even get a private online album of all your pictures in your chosen photo folder. (You choose which folder this is in the backup software or in your settings page when you log in.)

You can now log in to your private online albums and view your entire photo collection from any web browser. We have even given you tools to securely share your pictures to your friends and family. If you feel like sharing your pictures with the world you can make selected pictures public in our Public Gallery.

Log in above to access you private photo albums if you already have a backup account.
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